Monday, March 23, 2009

ANDY KAUFMAN, Saturday Night Live, January 1977

There was two penguins on de piece of ice. And they love each other very much. So, eh, one - one day de ice is broken. [By now, the lights have gone down - Foreign Man is now spotlit on a darkened stage] And so the two penguins cry -- they are crying -- because they never to see each other again. So they go away, you know, away from each other. And one day, they-- to see each other. So they get closer and closer. And one of them say: [holds his nose, imitates a penguin incomprehensibly -- but it sounds like he's saying something like:] "Big Boy for dinner." [returns to his "Foreign Man" voice] You know? Because they never see each other again! [looks at audience happily as if expecting them to laugh] Thenk you veddy much. [Applause. Foreign Man bows to the audience.]

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