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ANDY KAUFMAN, Universal Studios Information, In God We Tru$t (1980)


Page 3

Currently, Andy is filming his second starring role in Universal's "Heartbeeps" opposite Bernadette Peters.

Andy claims he entertains for just one reason: He fell in love with a girl in the 7th grade whom he was too shy to approach. When he becomes a big star he feels he can ask her for a date.

Marty Feldman, Peter Boyle, Louise Lasser, Richard Pryor, and introduces Andy Kaufman. A Universal Picture, the Howard West/George Shapiro Production was written by Marty Feldman & Chris Allen, directed by Marty Feldman, and produced by Howard West and George Shapiro. The executive producer was Norman T. Herman, and the associate producer was Lauretta Feldman.

In God We Tru$t (1980), Armageddon T. Thunderbird, Keny BK-AKTH Archives

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