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ANDY KAUFMAN, Saturday Night Live, January 1977

There was two penguins on de piece of ice. And they love each other very much. So, eh, one - one day de ice is broken. [By now, the lights have gone down - Foreign Man is now spotlit on a darkened stage] And so the two penguins cry -- they are crying -- because they never to see each other again. So they go away, you know, away from each other. And one day, they-- to see each other. So they get closer and closer. And one of them say: [holds his nose, imitates a penguin incomprehensibly -- but it sounds like he's saying something like:] "Big Boy for dinner." [returns to his "Foreign Man" voice] You know? Because they never see each other again! [looks at audience happily as if expecting them to laugh] Thenk you veddy much. [Applause. Foreign Man bows to the audience.]



Friday, December 26, 2008

Andy Kaufman, Children

These pictures show Andy Kaufman telling to the audience one of the most clever , ironic and sweet speech that I heared in my life: ´This is a song that I learnt when I was living at Boston. This song tells a story about people that are in the harvest. Adults and children live in the plantation. Sometimes, when the adults are in the harvest, the little boys and girls wander off. Sometimes, they get lost in the field. The adults must find them. When they find the children, instead to getting mad, the adults just sing this song. It means: you better watch out, because one day you will must do this, too. ´


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Andy Kaufman - Picture

Andy Kaufman, Taxi

U1952481A| Standard RM| © Bettmann/CORBIS
Andy Kaufman and Danny DeVito in Scene from Taxi
Andy Kaufman, as Latka Gravis, and Danny DeVito, as Louie DePalma, in a scene from Paramount Television's series, Taxi.
Image: © Bettmann/CORBIS
Collection: Bettmann
Standard RM
Date Photographed: ca. 1979

Andy Kaufman, Pictures

ZCV813713| Standard RM| © CORBIS
Andy Kaufman with Caitlin Clarke and Debbie Harry
Image: © CORBIS
Collection: Historical
Standard RM
Photographer: Debra Trebitz
Date Photographed: 1983

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